Rental business

Operations will be optimized through rentals.

By making use of the unique experience we have so far acquired, we will provide ICT and IoT equipment optimized to our customers' needs and issues through our rental service.

Solutions business

Evolving lineup of service

We propose solutions based on discussions with customers on their issues, and provide optimal ICT tools and services.
We offer one-stop solutions providing support in everything from examining deployment to aftercare services.
Through this process, we build on our lineup of services to offer customers proposals.

Support business

Comprehensive system of support

Various support services are provided in responding to problems and supplying products that have been deployed, as well as by telephone and remote control.

Company overview

Provider of solutions in IT equipment rentals

Japan Guarantee Service Co., Ltd. stands on the front line of evolution, engaging in planning to meet customers' needs and find solutions to their issues, with the aim of giving birth to better optimized solutions.

Recruitment information


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries regarding our services, business, etc.

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